Alon Zouaretz, Creative | Technologist.


Welcome to my digital playground: I started this site with the goal of documenting my learning and thinking. Unlike my commercial portfolio, which is dedicated to design and advertising, I wanted to have a place geared more toward ideas around technology, with a commitment rather to a client to thinking and trying new things.

The choice to iconize the lab with the picture of a Labrador Retriever dog is a symbolic act to my thoughts process. As a foreigner, misunderstanding, as well as being misunderstood, is a crucial part of my being; allowing me to have a different point of view while questioning the definition of right and wrong.


I'm a creative, technologist, designer and a programmer. I make digital objects, mobile apps, and social trends; some of which may border on social activism. Other projects aim to provide a simple utility, facilitating the growth of a client, or simply indulge in learning.

I'm a big fan of design and technology. For a while now I have been fascinated with testing the boundaries of the way computers observe the world. This, combined with machine learning, led me to many interesting experiments which I'll like to invite you to explore here on my lab project.

In the last 12 years, I have been playing with non-traditional advertising, assisting clients such as ABC, ESPN, Nokia, Tanqueray, Nike, Coke, Volvo, Sony, Delta, L'Oreal (and more) to obtain social and cultural relevance through digital mediums, while empowering their technological and social commitment to innovation.

I was born in Israel. My upbringing was very happy, although focused more on religious studies than on design or mathematical formulas. I came to New York in 2001, and shortly afterward, started playing with web programming which set my path to more advanced experiences. In 2006, based on my exceptional ability in the fields of design and technology, I became a part of the U.S. National Treasure Program. In 2011, I gave up this status, in favor of becoming an American Citizen. Most of the time, I feel lucky and proud of being an American, as well as having the opportunity to function as an ambassador for Jewish and Israeli cultures.

45 Languages, Platforms and theories I'm comfortable with.

D3js Regex Google Analytics OpenFrameworks MongoDB
Objectivism Html5 Instagram Objective C Network algorithms
OpenCV InDesign SQL Mobile Apps Theoretical eclecticism
Predictive Analytics UX/UI Design NLTK Motion sensors Yiddish
PHP CSS Wordpress XML Final Cut Pro
Python Omnigraffle Computer vision HTML Photoshop
NLP Public speaking Spinning Illustrator Bootstrap
Javascript English Hebrew Java Machine learning
C++ Amazon S3 JQuery Arduino Clustering


Alon Zouzretz is a creative, technologist, programmer, interdisciplinary artist, art director, designer, thinker and scholar whose work employs each of these methodologies, in part to investigate the significance of their overlap. He creates conceptual experiences, mobile apps, websites, objects, and interactions which explore themes, including environmentalism, collaboration, systems of exchange, and appropriation. His work makes use of various computer-based theories centered on the way computers observe the world through machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, sensors, network algorithms and mobile access.

Alon is a strategic thinker with the exceptional ability to articulate creative vision and its cultural relation, as well as the moral or technological theory it may imply. While his work often materializes through design and programming; it also raises questions regarding the purposes for which it is used and its aspect in human life. In this sense, his work may be seen as social activism.

Throughout his 10+ years of digital agency experience and vast knowledge of brand culture in the digital media landscape, Alon has played a crucial role in empowering the technological and social commitment of brands to innovation. After becoming a part of the U.S. National Treasure (2006), Alon facilitated the transformation of brands such as ABC, ESPN, Nokia, Tanqueray, Nike, Coke, Volvo, Sony, and L'Oreal to establish brand recognition in the digital arena via social channels, cutting-edge technology, and non-traditional advertising.

Since then, Alon's work has achieved much attention. He holds a number of commercial award-winning projects, collaborating with major technologists, artists, brands and personalities. His work has been featured in advertising, technology, and mass press (The New York Times, Wired, Mashable, London Award, FWA, One Show Award, PSFK and SXSW, among others).

Alon currently resides, works, and rides his bicycle in Brooklyn, NY. His advertising portfolio can be viewed at, while his Lab project is available at Outside of his professional practice, he also enjoys music, art, design, photography, typography, minimalism, cooking, juicing, dining, reading, fashion design, backgammon, chess, travel, kayaking, object collecting, super cuts and cat memes.