Bill Starter

A platform to empower the public to make their ideal bills a reality – Bill Starter is a kickstarter like platform for user initiated bills, with the focus on providing utilities for the bill initiator as well as highlighting the transparency within the demographics and political representative who support or object the bill. 

Ever since I became an un-natural born american (or just american), there been something that disturbed me – even though I am equal to all other american, there is one area where I am still being discriminated against, this may sound funny, but yes I can not be selected as the president, as a big dreamer this is unacceptable, I can be anything else but the president. Talking this over with friends I decided to put up a petition site and try to generate enough people to support it and hopefully create the ground for the 28th amendment, while working on the site I realized that the same structure that serve my problem can help fellow american to make their bills a reality, so I came up with the idea of bill starter.

Bill starter is pretty much a kickstarter for bills, a place where anyone can suggest a new bill and try to influence both the public and the representatives to do something about it. one of the main challenges that the platform solve is the fact that in order to have your petition reviewed by people in Washington you’ll need to get 100,000 votes within four weeks, somewhat challenging, with bill starter people who support the bill agree to have the site submit their votes when we reach the petition bar, a few other interesting services the site offer are the ability to alert – contact your state representative directly with one click of a button as well as seeing what is the agenda of each of them on this topic.

Here is what the first draft of the site design looks like, with my future bill enabling all un-natural born american to run for office


User will also be able to view many of the statistics around the bill while the bill originator will have easy access to the people who support the bill with a build in mailing list, blog and discussion forum for each bill and the connection to social networks. The bill supporter will also be able to purchase bill propaganda material such as stickers and tshirts, the profit from these  items will go toward supporting the bill.

 I hope that a platform like bill starter will become trans formative within the way we communicate with our representatives, letting them know what the public think on a daily basis rather then once every four years.