Capitol Tweets

Live analysis of tweets from the U.S political representatives. Exploring the engagement level, distribution over states and areas of interest which crosses between the republican and democrat parties members in the congress.

Tweets are fun, but even more fun is to look at some data and behind them, I decided to setup the capitol tweets site to bring some light on the twitter divide between the two political parties here in the U.S. while I may like (or dislike) to follow a certain politician it’s interesting to see how they relate to each other and what’s their level of engagement in current issues.

Check out the capitol tweets site.

The site explore a few dimensions of the twitter divide.

Tweets by states

Democrats hashtags clustering

Republicans hashtags clustering

 Engagement level

Aside to the actual visualization and analysis of the tweets the site also offer a side by side view of each of the parties tweets, which is interesting to browse through, check out the site to see it.