Crowdsource Family

Crowdsource family is a U.S. based virtual family for orphan teenagers, enabling supervised connection with communities and individuals, goal setting, mentoring, gifting and donations. The platform enable and guide orphan kids in defining goals while giving potential donors an opportunity to help and an idea of how their donation makes a specific difference.

Recently my girlfriend and I got involved with an organization for homeless youth here in NY, we did discovered that the people who run the center do a great job, but as you may expect it is simply not enough, the kids can not stay in the house during the day, so they are forced to roam the streets of NY. What the house provide them is a place to sleep and dinner, aside to that they are left to themselves. After talking to another friend who told me a story about a family who adopted a child from Africa, though didn’t have money to bring him to the U.S. they decided to try to get founding online and within a day they raised enough for the trip, seeing the success they continue the found and got enough money to support the kid through collage. The story made me think, this could work for these orphan kids as well, if people feel comfortable knowing where there money goes, and knowing that it really helps the kids they will be happy to give. 

So we came up with the concept of Crowd Source Family, for kids who don’t have a real family, the idea is that each kid will be able to setup a profile page where they can tell their story, with help of the Crowd Source Family team they will define specific goals for the things they need, from books, computer, marshal art classes, to help with more serious tasks like going to collage or managing their life through high school.

Aside to donating money for specific goals, people will also be able to help the kids with emotional, technical and general support, same as in any family setup, the kids will be able to ask the ‘Family’ questions and advices, so by using the network of the family the kids will be able to get direction to define their goals and stay on track.

Crowd Source Family

The site will provide supervised communication between the kids and crowd sourced family, in order to protect the kids. any exchange of communication outside the scope of the site will not be allowed. When a donation received on the site it will be allocated toward a specific goal that a specific kid defined, so there are no doubts of how the money was used. The site team will be responsible to make sure it gets to the right destination. The kid will be responsible on updating his goal page and letting his supporter know about his progress.