helmlock is a bicycle helmet that you can lock behind you, so next time you go on a ride and you don’t want to carry a helmet with you, you can simply lock it to with your bicycle.

2 years ago my girlfriend gave me a bicycle helmet for my birthday, I was somewhat disappointed with the “un-romantic” gift but at the same time appreciated the concern to protect my brain, you see, I been riding bicycles for years and never used to wear a helmet. two years after I been riding my bicycle to go running in the park, obviously that I wouldn’t want to run with a helmet in my hand so I simply leave it at home. but there is a certain level of guilt that comes with me when I am not wearing it, so I decided to get to the roots of it – what is it about the helmet that I don’t like and how can I get over it, then I realized, its not that I don’t like riding with it, its the fact that I have to carry it with me to every place I go after. so I came up with the helmlock – a bicycle helmet that you can lock behind.

this is what the original outline of the helmlock  looked like


I decided to call the first helmlock model “The helmlock mohawk” as the idea behind the design was to mimic a shape of a mohawk haircut, all it takes really is to create holes in the back and front of the helmet that will fit a standard size lock, and see that the lock wouldn’t be in the way while it is inside.