Local beat

Local beat is a user generated GPS live DJ/Radio mobile app. The app use the device proximity to create local ‘stations’ where people can add songs to the mix while listening the current tunes. so for example the subway commute to work where everyone listen to their own music can become a live party where everyone in the car can be apart of. 

The same senario can happen in a location base manner, for example an office building or a park, so next time you are in union square you can join the local party.

Local Beat - GPS user generated radio

Local Beat – GPS user generated radio

Local Beat - Beats around you

Local Beat – Beats around you

I have done a research on music sharing apps, there are a few who gives user the options to share their library, the way that Local Beat works is different though, the reason I think music shearing apps don’t work is since people do not feel that they are actually participating in something, the social element and involvement ends when you sign up and allow your music to be shared. while in Local Beat the idea is centered around participation and reward, the insight that people love to be the DJ, unlike with music shearing where everyone listen to what ever they want, Local Beat uses the location in a form of a radio station, so everyone in that location listen to the same song at a given time.

The app works in two modes, wireless in places where wireless/4-3G connection is available and bluetooth in places like subway cars that wireless connection isn’t available, this allow the mobile device itself to become the host of the current station and as long as there is a device available the station will continue to exist. 

Local Beat - Now Playing

Local Beat – Now Playing

Local Beat - Playlist

Local Beat – Playlist

While the idea of virtual party or a radio station is not new, I think that the connection to a location and the social elements behind it will be intriguing for people. another element which I’m working on adding to the app is the ability to leave the songs – playlist in a specific location, so the app become a complete GPS radio app in that case, this enable listening to local tunes as you drive through certain roads, almost like listening to the local radio generated by the locals.