Picky Kitty


Picky kitty is an advance cat feeding system, based on distance sensors the feeding box opens only when the cat is in close proximity and closes when he/she goes away, so that the food stays fresh till the next time they choose to come back.

This is the first prototype of the commercial model of Picky kitty, it is quite simple – if you are interested in getting a better understanding of how it works, check out the Picky Kitty DIY which is a simpler model that anyone can make at home.


As you can see the basic model is extremely simple:

Picky Kitty 3DModel

 a few of the improvements I decided to add in the commercial model were first the ability to open the box without having traditional ‘top’ I noticed that the top of the box gets in the cat’s way of eating and sometime he likes to rub on it – which could cos damage to the box.


The second adjustment was to distribute the distance sensors at different sides of the box, I noticed that Chach likes to approach the box from the side at times, and if he is not in front of the sensor the box would not open, or sometimes he like to move to the side as he eats and the box may close on him, this solved this problem and enabled him a full 360 access to the box.

The first commercial models of picky kitty will come either in a wood texture of solid colors, I tested this with more ‘kitty’ like texture and the results were very poor, it seems that the cat rather not be distracted when it comes to his/her food.


Next steps – Pets recognition

Sharing the experience of Picky kitty with other cat owners I discovered that there is even a bigger need in the market from what I originally thought therefor the next models of Picky kitty will include complete pet recognition system and will be able to be personalized per cat, so if you have cat and a dog, the box would not open when the dog is standing in front of it, or if you have a few cats and only one of them need to be on a special diet he will only have access to the box. The incorporation of the pet recognition system will also enable a full eating diary of the cat to be view from a web interface.