Power Move

Power Move - Kinetic energy wrist band

Power Move – Kinetic energy wrist band

One of my new hobbies is hiking, it really is a fantastic thing to leave civilization and go into nature for a few hours,  the affect is almost meditative once you are surrounded by trees  for a few hours and all you need to think about is where to put your feet next, with that said, there is still something nice to have a reminded or a link to civilization at this point, if its a map my hike app running on your phone or another GPS gadget that can make your way back to civilization easier. I really enjoy using some of these apps, but I realized that my phone tend to run out of batteries after a few hours of using them, so I came up with the following solution.

What if you can reuse the energy of your own body movement to generate the power you need. the ‘Power Move’ is a new wrist band that contain a small generator that use the kinetic energy of your body and let you use if when you need it.

There seems to be quite a lot of great products out there that use a similar approach to reusing the body energy from the famous soccket to the nPowerPEG which I find to be a great product though a bit to heavy/big as well as pricey or even the IYO YOYO, which I find super cool, but I don’t really want to play with yoyo on my hike. I wanted to develop a device that works with the natural movement of the body and that it would not require to engage with activity you might not normally would, for example playing soccer is great, but its not something I really do when I’, on a hike.

 For the design of the power move I choose to use a shape that mimic the iconic power icon in a form of a wrist band.

Power Move - Kinetic energy wrist band

Power Move – Kinetic energy wrist band

I wanted to keep the design very simple, the only add on the the original power icon shape is the power charge line indicator which you can see at the side of the the power move, you can know as you use it how much power it has for you to use.

Power Move - Power charged indicator

Power Move – Power charged indicator

 At the bottom of the Power move you’ll find a USB port where you can connect your phone or any other USB powered device. 

Power Move - Kinetic energy USB charger

Power Move – Kinetic energy USB charger

 To generate the Kinetic energy for the power move I have been debating between two different approaches, one obvious will be much more efficient, though at the same time may be a bit more expensive to produce as it is patented here in the US.

The first approach was to simply follow Newton’s second law and use a traditional generator to produce the power, the idea is very similar to the bicycle light dynamo, inside the wristband there is a small ball, as it move and spin around it generate power. The power generated in this approach is also easy to calculate according to Newton’s law: The acceleration of a body is directly proportional to, and in the same direction as, the net force acting on the body, and inversely proportional to its mass. Thus, F = ma, where F is the net force acting on the object, m is the mass of the object and a is the acceleration of the object.

Power Move - Traditional Kinitec Energy Generator

Power Move – Traditional Kinitec Energy Generator

The second approach is a bit more complicated, yet much more exciting – to use gyroscopic generator,  gyroscopic generators work in a very different way from a regular generator, obviously they both use force of movement, though the gyroscope works and function very differently, The gyroscopic generator is a combination of 3 circles – rings who spins at the same time and force each other for movement, the sizes of the spins needs to apply these proportions to work optimally, The inner ring made of a heavy density alloy metal and weigh 0.8lb, the middle ring is made out of medium density metal such as  stainless steel and is about 0.45lb while the outer ring is made from a lighter density metal such as Titanium alloy and weigh 0.2lb. while I would have loved to have these be heavier – and generate more power it was important to me to keep the weight of the whole band light and easy to carry.

Power Move - Kinetic Energy Gyroscopic Generator

Power Move – Kinetic Energy Gyroscopic Generator

 To calculate the kinetic energy of the gyroscopic movment, I been following the formula I found at SuperFly physics post. Error: http://lab.onetwoclick.com/wp-content/plugins/wpmathpub/phpmathpublisher/img/ must have write access Read the official wpmathpub plugin FAQ for more details, but after all this math, the truth is that I still feel more comfortable in the design world, so here is the ‘designed’ package for the Power Move Kinetic energy wristband.

Power Move - Kinetic Energy Wristband

Power Move – Kinetic Energy Wristband

 I hope you’ll find this useful if on a hike or simply on your wrist throughout the day to charge your phone when you need it, as promised a full kickstarter project coming up very soon to get this mass produced.

Finally here are some related links I encounter while researching for the development of the powermove, I hope you’ll find these interesting as well.


I hope to see you all very soon at the kickstarter page, I am already working on a hiking stick version of the gyroscopic generator which I hope to feature there as well, please feel free to add any comment bellow.