The Congress Mentions Report

The congress mentions report aim to outline the connections between the congress members who mention and been mentioned by other members, while speaking at the congress. The visualization of the report offers live analysis of the connections and proportions based on the volume of mentions, while exposing the convoluted nature of the congress interconnections.

You can view the full report at the following url:

Playing with the sunlight foundations api’s, I though that it could be interesting to try to cross between a few of them and see the relations form, taking the congress api which gives info about the congress members and seeing where these found in the words api which provide access to any words which been said at the congress, I decided to create a report which visualize the relationships between different congress members and the congress members who mentioned them. 

The visualization of the report create node like links between the members based on their mentions and in many ways reveal the connections and power behind each mention. The report is being update live with the two api’s mentioned above.

here are a few interesting picks from the report.

Not many members with one mentions, also interesting to see that these are very mild connections, not too many cross references

Things begin to get more related, we can start to see how certain groups are formed.

Things begin to get out of control, much like what you can expect form the congress.

The congress at its best mentioned state.

Still somewhat crazy, but things begin to get more clear.

The VIP of most mentioned club

#1 – well done Michael Grimm